The biennial Finnish maritime history conference – Maritime History Days – shows our joint strength. The event has been held in coastal towns from Pietarsaari to Kotka from 2001 onwards. The conference is organized by the Finnish Association for Maritime History and the Finnish Association for Maritime Archeology together with local and regional associations and cultural heritage organisations. The eleventh biennial Maritime History Days will be held in Rauma in March 18-19 2022. The program showcases research from home and abroad, bringing together researchers, professionals, practicioners, and enthusiasts. The conference also acts as a conduit for developing articles for the Nautica Fennica yearbook.

Merenkulun riskit ja resurssit - Turku 22.–24.3.2019
Suomi saarena – Finland som en ö – Finland as an island Kotka 24-26.3.2017
Työ merellä - Arbete till sjöss - Work at Sea Pietarsaari - Jakobstad 20.-22.3.2015
Pinnalla ja pohjassa – Laiva kulttuuriperintönä On the Surface and in the Depths – Ships as Cultural Heritage Helsinki 15.-17.3.2013
Toisen maailmansodan jälkeiset merenkulun vallankumoukset - Shipping Revolutions after the Second World War Uusikaupunki 17.–20.3.2011
Merihistorian rajapintoja: kulttuuriperintö ja merellinen ympäristö Kotka 27.-29.3.2009